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Building Knowledge 101 presents everything you need to know about Kawneer products and architectural aluminum building envelope systems in short, bite-sized educational videos.

It’s the perfect learning resource to gain industry insights from leading experts as we cover the basics and help guide you on a journey of professional development.

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Understanding Building Movement

Designing Curtain Wall Systems to Withstand Building Movement

What is Seismic Activity?

Understanding the Effects of Earthquakes on Buildings

Curtain Wall Systems in Seismic Prone Regions

High-Performing Curtain Wall System Requirements

Understanding Curtain Wall System Options

Understanding Building Drift

Exploring Seismic Building Movement Standards

Understanding AAMA 501.4: Elastic Drift Limit and Serviceability

Understanding ASCE 7 Chapter 13 Seismic Drift Limits for Glass Components

How Glazing Methods Impact Fallout Drift

Understanding Seismic Specifications for Curtain Wall Systems

Testing Architectural Aluminum Systems with AAMA 501.6

Understanding AAMA 501.6: Dynamic Racking Crescendo Test for Determining Glass Fallout

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