Kawneer Training Center

Our industry-recognized Training Centers provide architectural glazing professionals with customized training for the precise installation of Kawneer systems and products.

Helping to achieve cost efficiencies, boost productivity and increase profit margins, programs are held throughout the year in Central, Eastern, Southern and Western regions of the United States, as well as in Canada. Special Kawneer Schools can be arranged at customer locations to focus on the specific needs of individual customers.

Module I: Basics of Framing and Entrances (2 days)
This entry-level module introduces the basic concepts of aluminum framing systems. Participants can expect to leave the session with a solid foundation in:
1. Basic terminology
2. Screw spline, shear block, stick erect joinery
3. Installation and glazing procedures
4. Interpretation of windload charts
5. Use of Kawneer price catalog
6. Stock length and material take-off procedures

Module II: Basics of Curtain Wall (1 day)
This module teaches the fundamentals of Curtain Wall and Kawneer’s 1600 Wall System®1 and 1600 Wall System®2.

Module III: Basics of Windows & Impact Products (1 day)
This module provides participants who already know the basics with an introduction to commercial windows and Impact Products, as well as Kawneer’s product offerings in both areas. We suggest participants have the equivalent of the Basics of Framing and Entrances module before attending this session.

Module IV: Specialty Training (1-2 days)
As selected and offered by the Training Department in conjunction with sales and sales management.

Module V: Selling Skills (2 days)
Participants put the principles to use in hands-on mock bid-proposal sessions. The practice-selling sessions include role-playing and group critiques. An exciting 2-day experience for building a whole new dimension in sales savvy, meant for the rookie as well as for the seasoned employee.

If you have any questions regarding any of the modules, please contact our Training Department.

Email Now: KawneerTraining@arconic.com

Skilled mechanics contribute to your company’s success. In today’s market, the profitability of a project depends on your installers’ ability to do the job right the first time!

At Kawneer, our customers are our #1 priority. Our Mechanics School details the “nuts and bolts” of our systems to benefit both the beginner and seasoned veteran.

We invite you and your installers to attend our Mechanics School. The experience and information you receive will be valuable and profitable for your business.

Mechanics School format includes:
1. Hands-on experience installing the following products:

– Entrances & Hardware
– TriFab® VG* (VersaGlaze®)
* Stick, Screw Spline, Shear Block
– 1600 Wall System®1 & System®2 Curtain Wall
– 1600UT System™ Curtain Wall
– Paneline® EL/Panic Devices

2. Overview of the following products/installation techniques:

– 2000T Terrace Doors
– MetroView® FG 501T Window Wall
– Sun Control Products
– Troubleshooting discussions/craftsmanship

3. Complete set of Kawneer installation and detail manuals on flash drives
4. Architectural finishes overview, including field protection and maintenance
5. Overview of KawneerDirect and PartnerPak Studio
6. Benefits for all levels of experience

If you have any questions regarding any of the modules, please contact our Training Department.

Email Now: KawneerTraining@arconic.com

Kawneer offers training for our PartnerPak+® Customers at various times and locations. The schools are two days in length.

Day 1 – Beginning /Estimating/CAD class covers:
1. Project & frame development
2. Database overview
3. Pricing
4. Metal & glass optimization
5. Printer drawings
6. Alternate bids

Day 2 – Advance PP+/Out of Squares/CAD class covers:
1. The new release of Out Of Squares
2. (Module III)
3. PartnerPak+® CAD
4. FastCAD 32 basics

PLEASE NOTE: To get the most out of PartnerPak+® training sessions, it is recommended attendees have a basic working knowledge of computers and a general understanding of PartnerPak+® prior to attending.

If you have any questions regarding this class, please contact:

Lawrence Soto
Phone 559-280-4852

Email now   phone

More project specifications are now requiring Pre-Installation Reviews with a representative from the system manufacturers to ensure all know the proper installation requirements and sequence. Kawneer can supply a Field Tech Representative to lead a Pre-Installation Review of specific systems. This can range from walking through installation steps to building a mock-up of a specific system. Even if this is not a requirement in the project specifications, a Pre-Installation System Review can save hours in the field and prevent return trips. This is especially true when approaching a new system or if you have a crew with limited experience.

If you have questions, click below to email us:

Email Now: KawneerTraining@arconic.com

On the first day, the morning will be spent reviewing performance, fabrication, installation and best practices. In the afternoon, we will be hands-on, building a mock-up under the supervision of our field technicians. We conclude with a review and feedback on the installation and key learnings. Subsequent days follow the same schedule but focus on another type of framing system. Each mock-up is built in a wood-framed buck that can be used by your shop for future training.

If you have questions, click below to email us:

Email Now: KawneerTraining@arconic.com