At Kawneer, we can adapt high performing aluminum systems to fulfill exact specifications and meet engineering and technical requirements. From curtain walls to windows and doors to framing systems, our products, combined with next-generation technologies, enable architects, contractors and glaziers to deliver performance capabilities that extend beyond the design and construction process.

Building Legacies

Building legacies positively impacts lives and supports communities. It means redefining skylines to enhance how we collaborate, work, nurture, care, teach, learn and live. Building legacies is about optimizing performance, reusing materials and utilizing more efficient building methods to reduce the reliance on artificial light, power, heating and cooling.

For us, it means caring about every action we take and building stronger relationships. By making a difference today, we benefit future generations.


We are focused on leading the way with sustainable design and innovation. We provide transparency not just on what goes into our products, but how they are manufactured.

Global Project Portfolio

Perspektives is a beautifully designed portfolio that showcases achievements in collaboration with our key partners from around the globe. It’s full of innovative architectural design solutions that will inspire and shape your next project.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Kawneer has perfected state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that enable the production and delivery of high-performing and market-leading architectural systems and products.

Aluminum in Building and Construction

Aluminum is widely specified in buildings and used throughout the commercial construction sector. Our products enable the health, safety and well-being of building occupants.