Aluminum is widely specified in buildings and used throughout the commercial construction sector because its properties deliver a unique combination of sustainability, performance and aesthetics.

Modern building design has evolved in complexity as today’s buildings serve more than one purpose. Architects, specifiers and contractors are now looking at projects holistically and factoring in functionality, economics, aesthetics and a building’s role in a local community. The materials used on a building are integral to executing a successful building design and aluminum’s durability and flexibility deliver longevity and as well as a wide range of aesthetic options.  Aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio, recyclability and formability give it many advantages compared to alternative materials.

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As an infinitely recyclable material, aluminum promotes the circular economy and reduces waste. Kawneer uses recycled aluminum content in the production of our products, and our production waste is recycled to be smelted and reused. This is a huge advantage when evaluating and selecting building materials for sustainable building design.

To highlight our environmental commitment, we include Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on all Kawneer products, and our storefront solutions feature Declare labels: a voluntary self-disclosure program that aims to move the building materials industry toward healthier products through ingredient transparency.

The market-leading performance of Kawneer aluminum products can help projects achieve LEED® certification or other green building certifications.



Aluminum is known and specified for its strength, durability and low-cost maintenance requirements.

Aluminum frames can handle heavier glazing to improve the thermal efficiency of the facade. We offer triple glazing on many of our products, which enhances the insulation value, reducing a building’s energy usage.

Kawneer aluminum solutions meet the architectural performance grade requirements for operable windows, which is the highest North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) performance class and is frequently used in mid-rise and high-rise buildings with increased load requirements and limits on deflection.

Multiple Kawneer products can be integrated to enhance facade performance. Our sun shading and sun control systems attach to our storefront and curtain wall products to maximize daylighting while also optimizing occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Kawneer has a range of solutions that are capable of delivering enhanced security. We offer blast and hurricane impact tested solutions, and our products can accommodate larger seismic drift ratios to meet AAMA 501.4 and AAMA 501.6 standards, providing product safety and peace of mind.



Aluminum’s ability to carry heavier panes of glass enables the creation of awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling fenestration solutions that provide panoramic views of the outside world. Larger views help enhance natural lighting that benefits well-being and can reduce reliance on HVAC and artificial lighting systems.

Kawneer also offers a wide range of finishes, including anodized and painted finishes that meet industry-recognized AAMA finish standards. Ensuring seamless integration with the rest of the building envelope or surrounding environment, we can tailor the finish of our frames to the desired aesthetic of the building.

With its sustainability, performance and aesthetics, aluminum delivers the results you desire for your pioneering projects.



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