Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Buildings

As building certifications set increasingly demanding criteria, we are constantly developing our products and processes to create the sustainable building of tomorrow.

Our high-performance products enable architects to earn valuable credits in everything from energy efficiency to renewable material selection.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system is currently the most well-known and widely used sustainability certification in North America, covering a variety of building and project types.

If you are seeking LEED Certification for your project, read our guidelines to find out more: HERE

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LEED®, Office

Spring, Texas, USA

Arts & Leisure, Education, Featured Projects, LEED®

Pullman, Washington, USA

Featured Projects, LEED®, Office

Spring, Texas

Featured Projects, Healthcare, LEED®

Sylvania, Ohio, USA

LEED®, Multifamily

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Featured Projects, LEED®, Multifamily

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Featured Projects, LEED®, Multifamily

New York, New York, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, LEED®, Sports Facilities

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Arts & Leisure, LEED®, Sports Facilities

Sacramento, California, USA

LEED®, Retail/Corporate ID

Plano, Texas, USA

LEED®, Office

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Education, Featured Projects, LEED®

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, LEED®, Office, Retail/Corporate ID

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic, LEED®

Overland Park, Kansas, USA