Blast Mitigation Technology

Blast mitigation products are designed to reduce the aftermath effects of a blast, and prevent flying glass fragments, debris and damage to a building and its occupants. We engineer blast mitigation solutions for entrances, curtain wall systems, storefronts and window products, including thermal break, pre-glaze and unitized products.

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Product Offering

We provide a single-source solution to the growing need for blast mitigating products. Within seconds, buildings can be fatally damaged. However, our Blast Mitigation solutions increase the safety of a building’s occupants and preserve human life by protecting people within the building.

From curtain walls and entrances to windows and storefront framing systems, our array of ultra-thermal, blast-resistant products protects against high-impact damage that threatens a facility’s integrity. With years of engineering experience, Kawneer Blast Mitigation products are based on data collected from rigorous Arena Testing, the most realistic and premium method. Testing is conducted per ASTM F 1642-04, which includes a peak overpressure and a positive phase impulse.

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Download our list of products that received open air arena or shock tube blast testing here:
Open air arena or shock tube blast testing products

Download our Blast Mitigation Window Product Selection Guide here:
Blast Mitigation Window Product Selection Guide

Download our Blast Resistant Standards/Criteria Overview here:
Blast Resistant Standards/Criteria Overview


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Videos of Full Scale Arena Test Blast

View the slow motion video of Impact on Test Unit – Part 1
View the slow motion video of Impact on Test Unit – Part 2


Threat Assessment Information

Our blast resistant products meet DoD, ISC/GSA, DOS criteria and standards, comprising a laminated glass infill within standard aluminum frames anchored to the surrounding building to protect occupants from shards of flying glass in the event of a blast.

To ensure that a project is compliant, we work with architects, building owners, structural engineers and contractors to complete a threat assessment before a product design review and/or bid request. A threat assessment estimates the size and nature of a potential explosive device and anticipates the stand-off distance, detonation point and likelihood of an attack. This ensures that our range of products and systems meet or exceed security criteria and federal regulations.


Download our Threat Assessment Checklist here:
Threat Assessment Checklist


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