Public Spaces for Integrating and Collaborating

Our solutions for government offices and civic buildings are every bit as secure as they are welcoming. From train stations and airport terminals to public libraries, courthouses and even iconic attractions like the Statue of Liberty, our façades combine desirable aesthetics with innovative urban engineering, creating a comfortable environment for all.

Large glass areas make public buildings highly transparent, softening the lines and bringing the outdoors inside, complemented by a wide range of products and specifications suitable for hurricane impact, blast mitigation and security purposes.

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Onamia, Minnesota, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic

Riverside, California, USA

Education, Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic, Kawneer Collaborative

Newport, Oregon, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Transportation

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Kawneer Collaborative, Transportation

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Arts & Leisure, Government/Public/Civic

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Arts & Leisure, Government/Public/Civic

Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic, LEED®

Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Office

Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Government/Public/Civic, LEED®, Remodel/Retrofit, Transportation

Denver, Colorado, USA

Government/Public/Civic, LEED®

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Remodel/Retrofit

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Remodel/Retrofit, Transportation

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Government/Public/Civic, LEED®, Multifamily

Washington, District of Columbia, USA