Setting the Pace in the Transportation Sector

The buildings where people arrive and depart from can enhance each journey, providing a sense of comfort as travelers anticipate the joy of visiting new destinations. Its an experience that Kawneer is proud to enhance with our market-leading aluminum architectural systems. 

Durable and resistant to the harshest climates, illuminating spaces with abundant natural light, and delivering improved thermal efficiency and standout acoustic performance, our innovative facade solutions empower transportation projects across the world.

Kawneer’s technical knowledge and versatile product range transform transportation hubs, enhancing the practical and emotional experience of travelers while improving thermal performance, aesthetics and efficiency.

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Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic, Office, Transportation

Olympia, Washington, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Kawneer Collaborative, Transportation

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Kawneer Collaborative, Transportation

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Government/Public/Civic, LEED®, Remodel/Retrofit, Transportation

Denver, Colorado, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Remodel/Retrofit, Transportation

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Transportation

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Government/Public/Civic, Transportation

Dallas, Texas, USA