The Benefits of Modular Construction

Kawneer’s Director of Customer Operations Rob Huffman discusses in his most recent thought leadership video the benefits of modular construction, such as reducing waste, streamlining schedules and improving quality control.  

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performing facade systems, Kawneer provides a wide range of innovative architectural aluminum solutions for high-performance facades that support modular construction, including architectural windows, curtain wall, window wall, commercial storefront systems and more. 

What is modular construction? Modular construction is a way of building structures and facades with prefabricated units that are assembled off site. This innovative construction method is done under controlled conditions in the shop, offering a faster, safer and more sustainable way to build. This method also lessens waste while improving the quality of the overall fabrication process.   

The benefits of modular construction are many. The practice of this new construction method has gained the interest of architects, general contractors, glazing contractors and other construction professionals in recent years as it offers advantages in the face of increasing construction costs, labor shortages and production and quality control. From new construction to renovation and retrofit projects, modular construction is a sustainable solution that helps reduce waste, streamline schedules and improve control of the construction process. 

The building and construction industry demands increased transparency into the environmental and health impacts of materials used in buildings. At Kawneer, we conduct all aspects of our business ethically and transparently, so that we can continue to deliver and increase sustainable value. 

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