NX 300 Series Windows


NX-300 Series Thermal Windows

Designed for superior durability, the NX-300 Series Thermal Windows are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. The strong lines of the new NX-300 Series Thermal Windows give a historic appearance to projects blend seamlessly and respect the architecture of older buildings.

  • 3-1/4″ (82.55mm) depth frame
  • 2-5/8″ (66.7mm) sightline
  • AAMA architectural grade ratings up to AW-PG90 on most common configurations
  • Design and installation options for replacing wood or steel
  • Punched openings
  • Vertical or horizontal stacks
  • Structural mullions for larger unit configurations
  • Options for anchoring methods, head and jamb receptors, sub sills and panning types
  • Frame design with 0.125″ (3.2mm) wall thickness and minimal sightlines
  • Friction position corner keys for accurate alignment
  • Tested in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440 NAFS – North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for windows, doors and skylights

Model | AW Rating | Function
NX-310 | AW-PG90-C | Outswing Casement
NX-350 | AW-PG90-AP | Project-out (Awning)
NX-380 | AW-PG90-FW | Fixed Window

NX-300 Series Thermal Window - Architectural Detail Manual
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Product Selection Guide Windows
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Product Selection Guide Hurricane Resistant Windows
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Product Selection Guide Blast Mitigation Windows
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NX-300 Series Thermal Window - Flyer
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Fixed & Ribbon Windows/Aluminum Windows - EPD
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Projected & Casement Windows/Aluminum Windows -EPD
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Finishes Brochure
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Finishes Information - Architectural Detail Manual
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Anodize Finishes - Color Chart
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Liquid Paint - Color Chart - Permadize®
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Liquid Paint - Color Chart - Permafluor®
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NX-380 Fixed Window
NX-310 Outswing Casement Window
NX-350 Overlap Project-Out (Awning) Window

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NX-380 Fixed Windows
NX-350 Project-Out
NX-350 Project-Out Beside Project-Out
NX-380 Fixed Over NX-350 Project-Out
NX-350 Project-Out Over NX-380 Fixed
NX-380 Fixed Over NX-380 Fixed Over NX-350 Project-Out
NX-380 Fixed Over NX-350 Project-Out Beside Project-Out
NX-380 Fixed Over NX-350 Project-Out Beside Fixed Over Project-Out
NX-310 Outswing Casement
NX-310 Casement Beside Casement
NX-380 Fixed Over NX- 310 Casement
NX-380 Fixed Over NX-310 Casement Beside Casement
NX-380 Fixed Beside Fixed Over NX-310 Casement Beside Casement
NX-300 Series Misc. Details-Receptors, Sub-Sills, Anchors and Panning

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NX Mullions
NX Receptors
NX Subsills
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NX-300 Series Thermal Windows
NX-300 Series Thermal Windows

While most of our products are not hazardous in and amongst themselves, hazardous properties can develop when the product is altered through cutting, welding, and grinding.  Details on the specific hazards that can develop and the proper protective measures to use can be found in the SDSs.

Arconic’s SDS database provides PDF files of safety information on specific materials.  The SDS ID numbers (product code) and description for materials used in Kawneer products are listed below.

1405 – Kawneer Thermal Break Filled Extrusions
1385 – Kawneer Acrylic Paints
1386 – Kawneer Fluoropolymer Paints

1526 – Kawneer Bloomsburg Solvent Recovery Still Residuals

1387 – Painted Architectural Aluminum Extrusions
509 – Aluminum Extrusions, Anodized Aluminum Products


Search Arconic’s SDS database for safety information on specific materials.


Warranty Disclaimer TBC

Project Warranty Cover Sheet (English)
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Project Warranty Cover Sheet (French-Canadian)
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Project Warranty Cover Sheet Sample (English)
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Project Warranty Cover Sheet Sample (French-Canadian)
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Material & Workmanship - English
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Material & Workmanship - French
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Material & Workmanship Sample (English)
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Material & Workmanship Sample (French Canadian)
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Anodized Finishes Warranty - English
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Anodized Finishes Warranty - French
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Anodized Finishes Sample (English)
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Anodized Finishes Sample (French Canadian)
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Painted Finishes Warranty - English
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Painted Finishes Warranty - French
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Painted Finishes Sample (English)
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Painted Finishes Sample (French Canadian)
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Insulating Glass Warranty - English
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Insulating Glass Warranty - French
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Insulating Glass Sample (English)
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Insulating Glass Sample (French Canadian)
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Laminated Glass Warranty - English
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Laminated Glass Warranty - French
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Laminated Glass Sample (English)
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Laminated Glass Sample (French Canadian)
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