StoPanel® with Kawneer 8225TL Windows

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Choose the prefabricated StoPanel® with Kawneer 8225TL Windows, and benefit from a single source supplier, saving your project valuable time and resources.

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StoPanel® and Kawneer have partnered to develop a fully integrated, prefabricated exterior wall and window system.

Tested to high standards, the combined system offers building owners and architects a seamless installation option that reduces material and labor costs. The complete wall assembly is simplified by StoPanel pre-installing Kawneer’s receptor system in a configuration fully tested to ASTM standards for maximum performance, minimizing the opportunity for on-site construction defects.

Easy To Install, Proven To Perform

  • Tested as a full system to meet a Design Pressure of 40 PSF.
  • Window receptors and perimeter sealants installed in an affiliate StoPanel facility enable a more controlled, consistent process, reducing window installation time and labor on site.
  • All jobsite work is done from the interior to simplify and minimize equipment needs and maximize worker safety.
  • Panels are lightweight, reducing loads impacting the overall structure.

Strong, Durable And Beautiful

  • Kawneer’s aluminum window systems are naturally environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • The material withstands both high and low temperature extremes without warping, minimizing contraction and expansion.
  • Virtually maintenance-free finish with one of six anodized options or a custom painted finish in today’s most popular colors.
  • Modern, narrow sightlines can be used for any contemporary or traditional aesthetic.

Manufactured To High Industry Standards

  • Speed, value and quality derived from off-site production of wall assembly.
  • Produced by experienced StoPanel affiliates throughout the U.S.
  • Complete system tested to ASTM E283, ASTM E331 and ASTM E330 standards.

Kawneer can assist with curtain wall, storefront, entrances and other aspects of a project, while our sales representatives can work with Sto affiliates to develop specifications as well as provide design-build assistance.