Meeting the Needs of Healthcare Facilities

Kawneer’s Director of Global Product Management Chris Giovannielli shares in his newest thought leadership video how Kawneer’s architectural solutions help healthcare environments perform better by maximizing natural light, acoustics and thermal performance, empowering architects to design sustainable buildings that reduce energy use and enhance occupant well-being. 

On average, healthcare facilities annually consume nearly twice the amount of energy than a typical office building development of the same size. Incorporating Kawneer’s portfolio of innovative facade systems helps architects and building owners meet the needs of healthcare facilities by optimizing thermal performance, minimizing solar heat gain to reduce overall energy costs and maximizing patient comfort and well-being.  

As a global leader in architectural aluminum solutions with decades of experience in the healthcare sector, Kawneer concentrates on meeting the high standards for sustainability required for healthcare facilities. With a focus on reducing our impact on the environment and supporting sustainable architecture, we use a minimum of 40% recycled content in our products and continuously monitor the impact of each product’s lifecycle. 

Leveraging innovative thermal break technologies, Kawneer’s thermal systems provide an added layer of thermal protection to keep the elements out while maintaining an ideal, ambient indoor temperature through the changing seasons.  

Kawneer’s extensive portfolio of architectural aluminum curtain wall, storefront framing systems, architectural windows, doors and entrances allow architects to design comfortable healthcare spaces, including patient care rooms, hospitals, atriums, office areas and more. By maximizing natural light and ventilation, improving energy efficiency and optimizing acoustics, Kawneer’s range of facade systems help build positive healthcare facilities. 

At Kawneer, we provide architects and designers with complete product transparency in the form of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Kawneer Material Transparency Summaries (MTS), our participation in the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program and International Living Future Institute’s Declare label platform. View our product transparency documentation here. 

Learn how our sustainable products can enhance healthcare facilities: 

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