Build sustainable facades that meet the needs of healthcare projects.

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The 2500 UT Unitwall® System provides ultra-thermal performance levels in a cost-effective, unitized curtain wall system. One-piece polyamide thermal breaks reduce the amount of metal used in the assembly process and the time needed to assemble the unit.

Built to make a good first impression, the 190 Standard Entrance is both tough and attractive. Slim in appearance, the 190 Standard Entrance can withstand the rigors of moderate traffic.

Durable and designed to perform, the combination of our ADA-compliant operators delivers improved accessibility and ventilation for occupants.

With increasing energy costs and stringent code requirements, building owners, architects and glaziers need high-performing products that help them stay up to date on codes. Kawneer’s 1600UT System1 Curtain Wall is an ultra-innovative solution that raises the standards for pre-engineered performance.

The InFrame® Interior Framing System easily integrates with Kawneer entrances and allows light to fill the interior of a space. Transitioning seamlessly from fixed framing to operable doors and providing enhanced design flexibility, wrap-around perimeter profiles deliver clean lines and eliminate the need to finish drywall terminations.

The Versoleil® SunShade Outrigger System is a sunshade system pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems. The system reduces solar heat and creates optimal temperatures for patient and caregiver comfort. With energy-saving potential, the sunshade system can help reduce the overall operating costs of healthcare facilities.

The Versoleil® SunShade Single Blade System for Curtain Wall is a sunshade system pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems. Versatile in form and function, the single blade system is highly configurable and designed to provide shading and energy-saving potential.

Featuring IsoPour Technology, 250T/350T/500 Insulpour® Thermal Entrances provide a thermally broken assembly with high structural performance and dual finish capabilities – an ideal solution for thermal control and door hardware flexibility required in healthcare facilities.

The panels can be built in depths up to 30” to reflect more sunlight into patient rooms to improve the mood and comfort of patients and enhance the healing process.

Construction schedules and budgets have become more stringent, increasing the need for high-quality products with a rapid and simplified installation process. The 1600 SS Curtain Wall offers a screw spline solution, which allows it to be pre-glazed, pre-assembled and joint-sealed. This minimizes installation time on site.

Engineered to withstand the rigors of moderate to heavy foot traffic of busy hospitals, the 350/500 Heavy Wall Entrance is durable and complements both classic and contemporary architectural styles.

The Trifab® VersaGlaze® 451/451T/451UT Framing System is designed for the most demanding thermal performance requirements. The framing system is highly regarded for standout acoustic performance and provides optimal interior conditions for restful patient recovery.


Healthcare facilities play an important role in our communities and our lives.

As a global leader in architectural aluminum solutions, Kawneer’s product portfolio helps healthcare environments perform better by improving natural light, sound and thermal performance.

Kawneer’s extensive window solutions and glazing systems help patients enjoy more exposure to daylight, improving their moods, quality of sleep and circadian rhythms. Increased light exposure helps healthcare professionals adjust to shift changes and maintain standards of care.

The innovative technology in our facade systems minimizes solar heat gain and provides thermal comfort for an ideal indoor temperature year-round.


With our commitment to sustainable products, Kawneer is reducing our impact on the environment. Our aluminum has a minimum of 50% mixed pre- and post-consumer recycled content and rest of the primary aluminum is sourced from a hydroelectric smelter, and we continually monitor the environmental impact of our products’ lifecycles.

We provide architects and designers with complete product transparency through a range of industry standards. Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Material Transparency Summaries (MTS), Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program and Declare labels demonstrate our vision to shape a healthier environment for future generations.

Over the last five years, we have lowered our carbon footprint across all product lifecycles. Our newest Declare labels are for our 1620 and 1620UT Curtain Wall Systems, disclosing them to be Red List free.

We will continue to deliver value-engineered solutions for the healthcare sector and empower architects and designers to imagine sustainable buildings that reduce energy, cost and impact on the environment.


Few materials offer the flexibility to create ambitious design projects like aluminum. By combining natural light, improved thermal efficiency and standout acoustic performance, Kawneer systems create sustainable, self-sufficient buildings with a lower overall operating cost.

We provide recycled billet for your project-specific design needs. Combined with intelligent designs, Kawneer is committed to improving the sustainability of healthcare facilities.

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