Trifab 400 Framing System

Storefront Framing

Trifab® 400 Framing System

Trifab® 400 Framing System is a proven solution for storefront, low-rise and interior applications. It may be flush glazed from the inside or outside and has a choice of three fabrication methods. 

  • 1-3/4″ (44.5mm) sightline
  • 4″ (101.6mm) depth
  • Non-thermal performance
  • Center plane glass applications
  • Center plane glass applications 
  • 1-3/4″ x 4″ (44.5mm x 101.6mm) frame members and accepts 1/4″ (6.4mm) infills  
  • Choice of screw spline, shear block or stick construction 
  • May be flush glazed from the inside or outside 

Thermal Technology

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Trifab® 400 Framing System - Architectural Detail Manual
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Storefront Framing Product Selection Guide
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Trifab® 400 Framing System - Product Green Guide
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Trifab® Framing Systems and Storefront Framing Systems - EPD
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Finishes Brochure
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Finishes Information - Architectural Detail Manual
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Anodize Finishes - Color Chart
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Liquid Paint - Color Chart - Permadize®
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Liquid Paint - Color Chart - Permafluor®
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Powder Paint - Color Charts - Permacoat®
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Trifab® 400 Framing System - English

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Screw Spline Assembly
Shear Block Assembly
Stick Assembly
Screw Spline Assembly (Inside Glazed)
Shear Block Assembly (Inside Glazed)
Stick Assembly (Inside Glazed)
Typical Corners
GLASSvent® (project out) Details
Miscellaneous Details
Entrance Details (Offset Pivot/Butt Hung w/Surface or Concealed Closer)
Entrance Details (Center Hung with Concealed Closer)
Entrance Details - Open Back Frame (Offset Pivot/Butt Hung w/Surface or Concealed Closer)
Entrance Details - Open Back Frame (Center Hung with Concealed Closer)
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While most of our products are not hazardous in and amongst themselves, hazardous properties can develop when the product is altered through cutting, welding, and grinding.  Details on the specific hazards that can develop and the proper protective measures to use can be found in the SDSs.

Arconic’s SDS database provides PDF files of safety information on specific materials.  The SDS ID numbers (product code) and description for materials used in Kawneer products are listed below.

1405 – Kawneer Thermal Break Filled Extrusions
1385 – Kawneer Acrylic Paints
1386 – Kawneer Fluoropolymer Paints

1526 – Kawneer Bloomsburg Solvent Recovery Still Residuals

1387 – Painted Architectural Aluminum Extrusions
509 – Aluminum Extrusions, Anodized Aluminum Products


Search Arconic’s SDS database for safety information on specific materials.

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Material & Workmanship - English
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Material & Workmanship - French
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Kawneer - CA Prop 65 Warnings - English
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Anodized Finishes Warranty - English
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Painted Finishes Warranty - English
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Painted Finishes Warranty - French
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Insulating Glass Warranty - English
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Insulating Glass Warranty - French
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Laminated Glass Warranty - English
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Laminated Glass Warranty - French
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