How Acoustic Performance Enhances Learning Environments

Director of Global Product Management Chris Giovannielli discusses in a thought leadership blog the impact of acoustic performance in schools and education facilities and how it can help improve academic performance, reduce stress and enhance well-being for students and teachers. 

Acoustic performance is a building or space’s ability to control the sound levels and quality within it. It is not only a matter of occupant comfort but also a key factor for effective learning, making this a core need for education buildings. Kawneer’s wide range of architectural aluminum systems deliver outstanding acoustic performance that can positively impact schools and education facilities. 

Many classrooms often exceed the recommended noise level for schools, due to factors such as traffic noise, ventilation systems and student activities. This can have negative effects on students and teachers, including reduced speech intelligibility and comprehension, increased cognitive load, mental fatigue, lowered academic performance, increased stress and impaired hearing and health. 

To create optimal learning environments for the next generation to learn, develop and be inspired, it is essential for architects to consider acoustic performance when designing schools and education facilities. This can be achieved by using high-performing, sustainable building materials that reduce noise transmission, absorb sound and enhance acoustics. 

The education sector is one of Kawneer’s primary building sectors, with a range of systems that deliver outstanding acoustic performance that can be used to create sustainable, high-performing buildings. Kawneer’s solutions help create learning spaces that are comfortable, healthy and conducive to learning. 

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