How Thermal Performance Promotes Sustainable Learning Environments

Director of Global Product Management Chris Giovannielli shares in a thought leadership video how thermal performance improves learning outcomes and sustainability for schools and buildings in the education sector.  

Thermal performance is one of the key factors that affects the quality and functionality of schools and education buildings, as it impacts learning outcomes, occupant well-being and operational building costs. Thermal performance is measured by a building’s ability to maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature, regardless of external weather conditions. 

It is crucial for architects and building designers to consider thermal performance when designing schools and education facilities. Many education buildings fail to meet thermal performance requirements due to various factors, including poor insulation and inefficient heating and cooling systems, which can have negative effects on students and teachers. Reduced concentration, increased fatigue, lowered academic achievement, increased illness and impaired health and comfort are a few of the many consequences that low thermal performance can have on an occupant within a learning environment. 

Children are shaped by their environment, which is why creating sustainable, high-performing educational facilities can make a difference. To create optimal, thermal-efficient learning environments, it is essential to consider using architectural aluminum systems with high thermal performance. Using products and materials that help regulate building temperature, reduce heat loss and gain and increase natural ventilation can help promote a happier and healthier learning environment.  

Kawneer designs facade systems and products to optimize occupant comfort, energy savings, structural performance, sustainability and condensation resistance. Made from low conductive materials, the resilient thermal barriers within our framing systems separate the interior metal from the exterior metal and reduce heat loss. 

Kawneer’s solutions help create education buildings that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and thermal- and energy-efficient. 

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Watch the thought leadership video by Director of Global Product Management Chris Giovannielli to learn more about the importance of thermal performance in the education sector.

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