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How Kawneer Meets the Strength and Acoustic Needs for Education Projects

Director of Global Product Management Chris Giovannielli shares in a recent thought leadership video how architectural aluminum framing systems meet the strength and acoustical performance needs of buildings in the education sector. 

As places where students and teachers gather to learn, education buildings and schools are valuable spaces that shape the learning experience, influence well-being and reflect the values of the community. It is important to choose high-performing architectural products that can meet the durability and acoustic needs of these buildings. Kawneer’s architectural aluminum systems can help create learning environments that are long-lasting, comfortable and secure for a variety of building occupants. 

Strength and acoustic performance are two key factors that affect the quality and functionality of education buildings. Educational facilities are subject to high levels of wear and tear due to the frequent use by students, teachers, faculty and visitors. School buildings must also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow and hail. It is important that architects and building designers consider architectural products that are strong, resilient and long-lasting, ensuring structural integrity. 

Education facilities should also provide a comfortable and conducive learning environment for students, meaning that the indoor temperature, lighting and noise levels should be optimal and consistent. To reduce energy consumption and noise pollution while improving indoor air quality and comfort, it is crucial to select architectural systems that enhance thermal and acoustic performance in the classroom. 

Kawneer offers a range of architectural aluminum framing systems that deliver outstanding durability and acoustic performance to meet these needs. Kawneer’s solutions are proven to help create learning environments that are durable, comfortable and secure. A variety of Kawneer’s solutions provide strength and durability, engineered to withstand high wind loads and seismic forces to ensure building stability and performance. 

The acoustic performance of Kawneer’s systems and entrances can significantly reduce the impact of external noise sources, such as traffic, construction and student activity, while also improving the sound insulation and absorption of the buildings. 

Schools provide an ideal setting for the next generation to learn, develop and be inspired. Children are shaped by their environment, and this is why creating high-performing educational facilities can make all the difference. From thermal performance and acoustics to lighting and reduced glare, Kawneer’s innovative solutions are proven to advance learning. 

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